The Americana Rock Mix

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So many great new songs in today's episode. Plus more house drama! Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Follow The Money by Mill's End
(from Follow The Money (single))

- Reckless AND Fuck You by Whiskey Shivers
(from Some Part Of Something)

- Carefree to Carolina AND Homemade Jesus by Shawn Butzin
(from Northern Trails)
Bandcamp Site

- Whitehouse Road AND Born Again by Tyler Childers
(from Purgatory)
Facebook Page

- I Can't Sleep AND The Bonfire by Pierce Edens
(from Stripped Down, Gussied Up)

- Cold Comfort Lane AND Mary by Holy Moly & The Crackers
(from Salem)

- Run And Hide by Mill's End
(from The Swann Sessions)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Fred Curcio

– Dirty Fucker by Dave Hause
(from Bury Me In Philly)

– Grandview by John Mellencamp and Martina McBride
(from Sad Clowns and Hillbillies)

– Bitch On The Run by Samantha Fish
(from Wild Heart)




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I was completely unprepared for this episode. So, we're just going to sit down and go through my list of digital submissions that bands/artists have sen me. We'll see what pops up! Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Love Again AND Dreamin' by The Talbott Brothers
(from Gray)

- Highway To Highway AND Take Another Look by Unlikely Saints
(from Unlikely Saints)
Facebook Page

- Pills And Paper AND Hurts Like Hell by White Owl Red
(from Naked And Falling)
Facebook Page

- Shed My Skin AND American (Glamour And Prestige) by Bernard Fanning
(from Brutal Dawn)

- One Of These Lonesome Mornings AND Every Well by The Deslondes
(from Hurry Home)

- Kitchen Sink AND Glandor Girl by The Additives
(from Switchyard Sessions Vol. 1)
Soundcloud Page

Mini-Mix Submitted by Alex Crowe

Hey Brother back at it agian with my bad ass mini mix ha
This one song by whiskey Myers is prolly one of my favorite song mostly for the rockin guitar lead and solo but what do u expect from a song that over 5 minutes long and then this ken song by hogjaw is real southern rock at its best (Glad u didn’t think to harsh of my Motley Crue song bein in the last one I sent in) here’s my 3 songs for u

– Strange Dreams by Whiskey Myers
(from Firewater)

– Pay Backs A Bitch by Blackberry Smoke
(from Holding All The Roses)

– Leavin' Out The Backside by Hogjaw
(from Rise To The Mountains)




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I had to bring in my wife to help give the full story of ONE of the constant frustrations we've had lately. In the mean time, there's a load of amazing music in this episode. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- New AND In My Mind by Sean Marshall & The Near Miss
(from New)
Bandcamp Site

- Company Man AND Airliner by Jamestown Revival
(from The Education Of A Wandering Man)

- 40 Days AND Hard To Please by The Black Lillies
(from Hard To Please)

- Covered In Blood AND Lay Me Down by Sammy Brue
(from I Am Nice)

- End Of Days AND All Tied Up by Zachary Kibbee
(from Songs From The Mud)

- Roamin' AND Under The Lights by Midnight North
(from Under The Lights)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Christoph

– Devil’s Child by Digger Barnes
(from Every Story True)

– The Last Hand by New Country Rehab
(from New Country Rehab)
Facebook Page

– Fade my Shade of Black by The Statesboro Revue
(from Ramble on Privilege Creek)




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NOTE: This episode should have been out on Monday. But unfortunately the Patreon Edition of this episode didn't go out until Monday, and they always get their episodes 3-4 days in advance, so this one go delayed as well. I only mention this because in this episode I talked about the new schedule of uploading episodes, which contradicted this week. IF you want to get in on the Patreon perks, go to

eAs soon as I hit the record button, the lawn guy shows up. So I tried to just stick to the music, otherwise you'd hear lawnmowers and trimmers and other noises in the background! But fortunately, as always, the music in today's episode is excellent! Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Call My Name AND Good Egg by The Dustbowl Revival
(from The Dustbowl Revival)

- Commencement Address For The Deindustrialized Dispersio AND Trying To Ride by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
(from Youth Detention)

- We're On Our Way AND I Will Never Let You Down by Fastball
(from Step Into Light)

- Birthdays AND Passiona by The Smith Street Band
(from More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me)

- Every Kind Of Lucky AND Barons To Break by Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
(from Native Heart)

- Hey Hey (River Charles) AND Last Dying Day by The Great Crusades
(from Until The Night Turned To Day)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Martin Clarke

– At Midnight by Glossary
(from How We Handle Our Midnights)

–  Witchita Skyline by Drag The River
(from Drag The River)

– Two Balloons By Jerry Joseph
(from Love & Happiness)




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Honestly, I didn't notice it until AFTER I had picked out the songs, but there's an above average amount of tracks in the episode that have explicit words in the titles. Needless to say, I never really pay attention to titles when I pick out my songs, so this is odd. But the music is still great! Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Curse Of The Cajun Queen AND Single Boy by Legendary Shack Shakers
(from After You've Gone)

- Keep the Home Fires Burnin' AND Fuck Up by Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
(from Sidelong)

- Rock N Roll Heart AND Shit and Shame by Lazarus
(from Rock N Roll Heart)

- The Last Fuck AND Make My Way by Big Time Bossmen
(from Working On A Plan)
Facebook Page

- Knock It Off AND Punchline by Terry Anderson
(from Jimmy's Arcade)

- DDT AND Fun All Night by Banditos
(from Visionland)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Ken Pease

– Songs That She Sang in the Shower by Jason Isbell
(from Southeastern)

–  Hurricane by American Aquarium
(from Small Town Hymns)

– The Sun Is Shining Down by JJ Grey & Mofro
(from Country Ghetto)




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Sometimes when I sit in front of a microphone, words just spew from my mouth! Typically it's a ramble that ends up getting cut out before it goes online. But this time, I just figured I'd just leave it in. Pointless really. Anyway all the great new music will distract you from any oddities. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Graveclothes AND Father Texas by Birdtalker
(from Just This)

- I Won't Let You Go AND One Request by Larissa Tandy
(from The Grip)

- Good Times AND Zombie in My Backyard by Coffee For The Restless
(from Coffee Show)
Facebook Page

- Motel Bible AND Good Girl Down by Angaleena Presley
(from Wrangled)

- Ballad Of Davy Crockett, PT. 2 AND Upstater by Big State
(from Sure Thing)

- Shake Down AND Got Soul Valerie June
(from The Order Of Time)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Fred Curcio

–  Nothing To Lose by American Aquarium
(from Small Town Hymns)

– Smoke by Brian Fallon
(from Painkillers)

– Moment In The Sun by Reckless Kelly
(from Sunset Motel)



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So much fantastic NEW music from some classics and favorites! Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Stone Cold Rage AND Drawn That Way by Gov't Mule
(from Revolution Come... Revolution Go)

- Lady B. Goode AND Big Boys by Chuck Berry
(from Chuck)

- Comin' Home AND Omission by The Magpie Salute
(from The Magpie Salute)

- Cumberland Gap AND White Man's World by Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
(from The Nashville Sound)

- Motivation AND Witness by Benjamin Booker
(from Witness)

- Already Gone AND Little Guys by Slaid Cleaves
(from Ghost On The Car Radio)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Weez (from Southern Illinois)

How about a mix of life advice for the kids? Hits you in the feels. If you want, save it for Father’s Day week.

–  Outfit by Drive-By Truckers
(from Decoration Day)

– Keep It Between The Lines by Sturgill Simpson
(from A Sailor's Guide To Earth)

– Madeline by BJ Barham
(from Rockingham)




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Here we are! All set up (for the most part) in the new house. New studio. New everything. And I'm back just in time for the 9 year anniversary! There's no way I would have missed it. Enjoy all the great music in this episode!

Music in this episode:

- Second One To Know AND Them Stems by Chris Stapleton
(from From A Room: Vol. 1)

- Good Drugs AND Small Time Criminals by The Whistles & The Bells
(from Modern Plagues)

- Following You AND Say It Anyway by Whiskey Gentry
(from Dead Ringer)

- Don't You AND In The Back Of Your Mind by The Deltaz
(from Like Your Brother)

- My Soul's Got Wings (feat. Carlene Carter) AND Grandview (feat. Martina McBride) by John Mellencamp
(from Sad Clowns and Hillbillies)

- Bridge Builder AND Alzheimer's Blues by Matthew O'Neill
(from Trophic Cascade)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Alex Crowe

–  I Remember by Kelcy Mae
(from Half-Light)

– If I Had It My Way (I'd Tear This Building Down) by Cricket Tell The Weather
(from Songs For Standing Rock, Vol. 4)

– True North by The Shondes
(from Brighton)




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This is my last episode for a few weeks. Getting ready to move into a house and therefore, everything must get taken down and dismantled. BUT, as always, this episode is filled with some pretty... pretty... terrific music. Enjoy!

Get your FREE Copy of the audio book "99 Minute Millionaire" by Scott Alan Turner at

Music in this episode:

- Won't Take Much AND Silver Baby by Dan Baird
(from SoLow)

- Game Changer AND Leave Me Lonely by Imelda May
(from Life Love Fresh Blood)

- Rest When You're Dead AND Don't Fence Me In by Sons N Britches
(from Second Hand Smoke)

- So Help Me God AND I Never Loved Before I Found You by Front Porch Step
(from I Never Loved Before I Found You)
Facebook Page

- Shinebender AND Your Turn To Feel Blue by Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders
(from Shinebender)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Alex Crowe

–  Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe
(from Theater Of Pain)

– Mud by Whiskey Myers
(from Mud)

– Steal You Away by The Randy Rogers Band
(from Burning The Day)




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