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In this episode, I did a private video stream with a group of folks who pledged on the $10 tier on my Patreon. We spend a couple of hours going over the music from albums that I hadn't yet listened to. So all the music on today's episode was chosen by a council of people. Interesting twist. But still, it proved to provide some fantastic tunes. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– Before You Go AND Alluvial by Arliss Nancy
(from Greater Divides)

– Dirt Track Diva AND We Are The Damned That Roam by Mat D & The Profane Saints
(from The Mercy Road)

– European AND Real by Lydia Loveless
(from Real)

– Satan Pulls The Strings AND True Sadness by The Avett Brothers
(from True Sadness)

– Arkansas AND You'll Find You by Lonely Avenue
(from Lonely Avenue)

– Soldiers AND Red Letter by 35th And Taylor
(from I Know You're Trouble)


Submitted by Brad

– Hades Pleads by Parker Millsap
(from The Very Last Day)

– It Ain't Easy by Ben Stalets
(from Country Midwestern)

– I Don't Mind by The Horse Traders
(from I Don't Mind)




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