The Americana Rock Mix

I'm back! This is a shorted episode but still loaded with awesome music, and I also talk about my plan for February. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Hold On AND Sing With Me by Adam Lee
(from Sincerely, Me)

- Someone To Stay AND Folks Back Home by The Show Ponies
(from How It All Goes Down)

- These American Blues AND Held In High Regard by Levi Parham
(from These American Blues)

- Set Me Free AND Red Wine  by Scott H. Biram
(from The Bad Testament)

- Burn Talk AND Psychosis by Conrad Shock & The Noise
(from Red Skys & Pyrrhic Minds)
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Mini-Mix Submitted by Rachel (from

–  Lucille by John The Conqueror
(from John The Conqueror)
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–  Weren't For Bars by The Sparklers
(from Crying At The Low Bar)

– Hook, Line, by Sonia Tetlow
(from Own Way Home)
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