The Americana Rock Mix

Some really fantastic music is just flooding my mailbox and inbox. The beginning of the year had me a bit worried, but when it rains, it pours. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

-  'Bout the Money AND Neon Light by Quadravan
(from Parts City EP)
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-  Of Mountains And Friends AND Sweet, Sweet Time by Gleewood
(from Sweet, Sweet Time)

-  Salt Stained Road AND Home by Mic Harrison and The High Score
(from Vanishing South)

-  Double Or Nothing AND What Will They Say About Us Now? by Western Centuries
(from Weight Of The World)

-  Falling For You AND Get Out Of Here by The Hardy Band
(from The Hardy Band)
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Mini-Mix Submitted by Rachel (from

–  Blue As A Jay by Norma MacDonald
(from Burn The Tapes)

– Something New by The Leavelles
(from Mostly True Stories)
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– Ain't We Brothers? by Sam Gleaves
(from Ain't We Brothers?)



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