The Americana Rock Mix

Sometimes when I sit in front of a microphone, words just spew from my mouth! Typically it's a ramble that ends up getting cut out before it goes online. But this time, I just figured I'd just leave it in. Pointless really. Anyway all the great new music will distract you from any oddities. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Graveclothes AND Father Texas by Birdtalker
(from Just This)

- I Won't Let You Go AND One Request by Larissa Tandy
(from The Grip)

- Good Times AND Zombie in My Backyard by Coffee For The Restless
(from Coffee Show)
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- Motel Bible AND Good Girl Down by Angaleena Presley
(from Wrangled)

- Ballad Of Davy Crockett, PT. 2 AND Upstater by Big State
(from Sure Thing)

- Shake Down AND Got Soul Valerie June
(from The Order Of Time)


Mini-Mix Submitted by Fred Curcio

–  Nothing To Lose by American Aquarium
(from Small Town Hymns)

– Smoke by Brian Fallon
(from Painkillers)

– Moment In The Sun by Reckless Kelly
(from Sunset Motel)



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