The Americana Rock Mix


I love coming across new bands and artists that just kick ass. I think this episode is loaded with exactly THAT. Plus, my wife makes a rare appearance to talk about her upcoming solo episode.  Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- SOB of a Man AND Kickin' Dirt by Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
(from Shovel Full Of Coal)

- Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone AND Living In The Future by Leeroy Stagger
(from Love Versus)

- Cranes AND Polygraph by The 81's with Luella
(from Big Man)

- Schoolyard Blues AND Venus by Garland Jeffreys
(from 14 Steps To Harlem)

- Soul AND Can And Cannot Do by Stretch
(from Bury All Horses)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Kevin Wilkie

–  Lonely Holiday by Old 97's
(from Fight Songs)

– Trouble Came Early by Band Of Heathens
(from Duende)

– Bob We Love You by My Bubba and Mi
(from We Were Never Being Boring)


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