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Welcome back! This is the second half of my best albums of 2016. Sit back, relax and enjoy a solid 2 1/2 - 3 hours of music!

Music in this episode:

– Addicted AND Turn Up The Mains by Jesse Malin
(from New York Before The War)

– Grand Canyon AND Happiness Is Not A Place by The Wind And The Wave
(from Happiness Is Not A Place)

– Hands Up AND Wherever You Are by Parker Millsap
(from The Very Last Day)

– State Lines AND Hell Below by The Dram
(from The Dram)

– Building Your Own Prison AND All Or Nothing by Waco Brothers
(from Going Down In History)

– She's Got A Problem AND Paloma by William Bennett & The Tells
(from Wichita)

– Going To Miami AND Listening To Leon by Strange Majik
(from Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll)

– California Night AND Enjoy The Silence by The Famous
(from Ghost Town Parade)

– Modern Massacre AND A Pleasant Peace I Feel by The Temperance Movement
(from White Bear)

– Borrowed Smiles AND Gotta Be by Caleb Caudle
(from Carolina Ghost)

– The Flame In The Flood AND Landsick by Chuck Ragan
(from The Flame In The Flood)

– Living On Thin Ice AND The Walk by Chase Walker Band
(from Not Quite Legal)

– Devil’s Train AND Shine by Hymn For Her
(from Drive Til U Die)

– Freedom Bus (Walt's Mix) AND Hung Up by Left Arm Tan
(from Lorene)

– Punk Ass Bitch AND We Got Time by Dyrty Byrds
(from Failure Is Feedback)

– Two Headed Snake AND Strike The Bells by The Delta Generators
(from Hipshakers And Heartbreakers)

–  Sad Girl Walking In The Rain AND Don't Jerk The Wheel by Mike Doughty
(from The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns)

– Evil Mind AND Get Your Goin’ Out On by Too Slim & The Taildraggers
(from Blood Moon)

– Call To Arms AND Brace For Impact (Live A Little) by Sturgill Simpson
(from A Sailor's Guide To Earth)

– I Don’t Care About You AND Spectacular Failure by Lake Street Dive
(from Side Pony)


Honorable Mentions:




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