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Apparently I'm in rare form in this episode. I find out some irritating news about the podcast apps that I've been trying to put together for Android and IOS systems, and I got on a lengthy rant about it. Fortunately there's some amazing new music in this episode to distract you from my distraction.

Music in this episode:

- Heavy Chevy AND Mama by Alabama Shakes
(from Heavy Chevy 7" vinyl)

- Willows AND Cuyahoga River Blues by Will Quinlan And The Diviners
(from Wayfaring EP)

- Bully AND Devil's Circus by The Only Sons
(from When The New Wears Off)

- Submarines AND Ho Hey by The Lumineers
(from The Lumineers)

Mini-Mix by Martin Clark

1 - To Absent Friends by Frank Turner
(from Rock And Roll EP)

2 - Got No Words by Truckstop Darlin'
(from Truckstop Darlin')

3 - Rome by Slimfit
(from The Path)

- Weep Themselves To Sleep AND Trash Tongue Talker by Jack White
(from Blunderbuss)

- Promises AND Daggers by Nena Anderson
(from Beyond The Lights)

- Brickbreaker AND "Some Say..." by Vandella
(from Fire In The Desert)


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