The Americana Rock Mix

I don't know what to put here. It's another good episode full of great music. It's just great to be back in the saddle again.  Enjoy!

Music in the weeks episode:

- Gotta Get Away AND Weight Of Love by The Black Keys
(from Turn Blue)

- Ditty ( We Weren't Ready) AND I Won't Leave You In The Dark by Broken Records
(from Weights And Pulleys)

- Red Boards AND Jonny by The Knights Of Mentis
(from New Pound Coin)
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- Tumble And Fall AND Whiplash by Kim Lenz & The Jaguars
(from Follow Me)

- Bad Lil' Betty AND Shit Or Git by Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys
(from Damaged Goods)

- What Would I Do If I Were Me? AND Lady Luck by Steve Conte
(from The Steve Conte NYC Album)

- Taking It Out On You AND Son Of A Plumber by Edward David Anderson
(from Lies & Wishes)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Jay from Tennessee

1 - Don’t Stop Me This Time by Kevin Gordon
(from Gloryland)
Facebook Page

2 - Ponzi Scheme by Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
(from Opening Day)

3 - Play That Cheap Trick, Cheap Trick Play by Tommy Womack
(from Now What!)



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I didn't have much of a chance to plan this weeks episode. I've got family coming into town, and my attention was focused elsewhere. So we're going to listen to some of my favorites from recent episodes. Enjoy!

Music in this week's episode:

- Never Gonna Stop It AND Mad Mad Heart by Reverend Horton Heat
(from Rev)

- Supernova AND She's The One by Ray LaMontagne
(from Supernova)

- Primer Coat AND Hearing Jimmy Loud by The Drive-By Truckers
(from English Oceans)

- Bridge Driving AND Violent City by The Devil's Cut
(from Salvation)
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- The Great Midwestern Calypso AND Nothing But Sirens Here by Miller-Kelton
(from Miller-Kelton)

- Only Whiskey AND Jack Of Diamonds by Scott H. Biram
(from Nothin’ But Blood)

- Don't Look Back AND Every Time She Comes Around by The Bigsbys
(from Good Will Suitcase)

Mini-Mix submitted by Talon Raph

1 - 3 Dimes Down by The Drive-By Truckers
(from Brighter Than Creations Dark)

2 - I-70 Westbound by The Railbenders
(from Showdown)

3 - Roll The Bones by Shakey Graves
(from Roll The Bones)



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In this episode I quickly talk about some introspective thoughts I've had lately, and what I'm doing to try to be a better person. AND this episode is loaded with new music. Enjoy!

- More Of Everything AND What Is by The Splendid Nobodies
(from Shortcut To Now)

- Let It Ride AND On The Wall by The Nickel Slots
(from Let It Ride)

- Following A Ghost AND Burn The House Down by Cyndi Harvell
(from Heartache & Revolution)

- Way Back Down AND Hey What's The Use by Greg Smith And The Broken English
(from Ramblin' Road)

- Let The Hammer Fall (Feat. Arliss Nancy) by PJ Bond
(from Wax Packs Series 1)

- Out Alive by Arliss Nancy
(from Wax Packs Series 1)

- Mortal Man AND Keep Quiet by Nick Verzosa And The Noble Union
(from Love In Principle)

- Saw You In Hell AND Insults And Polemics by Wall-Eyed
(from Grace Under Fire)
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- Lucero Song AND West Texas Wind by Matt Woods
(from With Love From Brushy Mountain)


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