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I actually recorded this episode last week, but some technical problems with my mp3 host prevented me from getting this online. So, better late than never! This is a DIGITAL mailbag episode. Typically I'll open press packages that I receive in physical form, and play a couple of tracks that I haven't even heard yet. This is the same concept, only these are MP3's and WAV files that I received instead.  Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Bad Habits AND Burnin' Both Ends by Doug Balmain
(from Burnin' Both Ends)

- Live Wire AND Me & Jeroboam & The Moon by The Longest Day Of The Year
(from Carapace)
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- Til I Do It Again AND Guitar Or A Gun by Will Hoge
(from Small Town Dreams)

- Defining Deviance Down AND Morning Birds by The End Men
(from Terms And Conditions)

- Sagres AND Darkness Of The Dream by The Tallest Man On Earth
(from Dark Bird Is Home)

- Texas Funeral AND Waitress by Hop Along
(from Painted Shut)
Bandcamp Page

Mini-Mix submitted by Matt Irwin

1 – The Galway Girl by Steve Earle
(from Transcendental Blues)

2 – I Give Up (The Puppy Song) by I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
(from Mayberry)

3 – American Static by Micah Schnabel
(from When The Stage Lights Go Dim)
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In this episode I finally talk about the recent surgery I had, the time off that I had to take, and what a pain in the ass (not literally) the healing process has been. Also some brand new music for you guys. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- The Wall Have Drunken Ears AND Oh Dolores by Whitehorse
(from Leave No Bridge Unburned)

- Shoegaze AND The Greatest by Alabama Shakes
(from Sound And Color)

- Always Me AND Up In Smoke by The Local Strangers
(from Take What You Can Carry)

- Ocean AND By Your Side by Buffalo Sunn
(from By The Ocean By The Sea)

- 15 Years AND My Cousin Greg by Houndmouth
(from Little Neon Limelight)

- Slave Boy AND The Ride by Crooked Saws
(from This Machine Sells Cars)

- Sinister Purpose AND Fake Fox Fur Pillowcase by The Wave Pictures
(from Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon)

- The Kid AND 12 Steps by Big Shoals
(from Still Go On)

Mini-Mix submitted by Chris Jones

1 – Battle With The Bottle by Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs
(from The Other White Meat)

2 – Alcohol of Fame by The Hangdogs
(from Wallace '48)

3 – George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues by Drive-by Truckers
(from The Fine Print)



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In this episode I lay down some info about Wilco's latter years in creating music. Even though Part 1 only covered 6 or 7 years, this time we're covering 15 years of Wilco history. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- Pretty Sparks by Loose Fur
(from Born Again In The USA)
Drag City (Record Label) Site

- I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (demo) by Wilco
(from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos)

- Kamera AND War On War by Wilco
(from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

- Company In My Back AND I'm A Wheel AND The Late Greats by Wilco
(from A Ghost Is Born)

- I'm The Man Who Loves You (Live) AND Kicking Television (Live) AND Hummingbird (Live) by Wilco
(from Kicking Television: Live In Chicago)

- Either Way AND What Light AND Let's Not Get Carried Away AND The Thanks I Get by Wilco
(from Sky Blue Sky)

- I'll Fight AND Wilco (The Song) AND You Never Know AND Sunny Feeling by Wilco
(from Wilco (The Album))

- I Might AND The Whole Love AND I Love My Label (Nick Lowe Cover) by Wilco
(from The Whole Love)

- Monday (Demo) by Wilco
(from Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014)



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