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So, I know that I said that when I came back from vacation that I would do a Halloween show. Well, apparently I lied. The timing just didn't work out, because I had to plan my Halloween show for the radio. So, instead of just playing the same stuff here, you can download and listen to my Halloween airing of Americana Rock Soundoff! right HERE. But fear not! I DO have a great new episode of The Americana Rock Mix waiting for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– Bitter End AND Just Kids by Northcote
(from Hope Is Made Of Steel)

– A Minute Changes Everything AND Here And Now by Ryan Sheridan
(from Here And Now)

– Heartstopper AND Substantial Damage by Keith Richards
(from Crosseyed Heart)

– Young Outlaws AND My Girl & Me in '93 by Lucero
(from All A Man Should Do)

– She Is a Little B AND Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late by The BossHoss
(from Dos Bros)

– Life Still Waits AND Wake up to Your Story by Hunter Smith Band
(from Story)

– Mastheads AND Ghost Train by Ghost Town Cryers
(from The Chronicles Of Monday)
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Mini-Mix submitted by Scott Carmichael

– Bad Harmony by Frank Black & The Catholics
(from Pistolero) *EDITORS NOTE: I wrongly stated that this song was from FB&C's self titled album

– Drownin' on a Mountaintop by T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks
(from Drownin' On a Mountaintop)

– John Hardy by Gun Club
(from Miami)
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After 6 or so years of trying to get Vaden Todd Lewis on the show, I was finally able to get it done. Mostly because his band, The Toadies, released a legit Americana album. We talk about the new album, called Heretics, the history of The Toadies, The Burden Brothers, songwriting, social media, and more. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– We Burned the City Down by The Toadies
(from Play. Rock.Music)

Tracks played from Heretics by The Toadies

  • Beside you
  • In The Belly Of A Whale
  • Queen Of Scars
  • Heart Of Glass
  • Possum Kingdom
  • Rattlers Revival
  • Send You To Heaven
  • Backslider (Feat. The Honeybears Horns)
  • Tyler
  • Dollskin (Feat. Sarah Jaffe)

– Mine by The Toadies
(from Feeler)

I Hope You Die by The Toadies
(from Dig A Hole (Cassette Single))

– She's Not Home AND In My Sky AND Mercy by The Burden Brothers
(from Mercy)
Kirtland Records Site

No Deliverance by The Toadies
(from No Deliverance)


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I had a certain plan for this week's episode. Unfortunately that plan fell through, so I had to figure out what to do at the last minute. So, this episode may be a bit thrown together, but I think it was done with excellent style. And by style, I mean music.  Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– Building Chryslers AND I Don't Wanna Know by The Bottle Rockets
(from South Broadway Athletic Club)

– In The Belly Of a Whale AND Queen Of Scars by The Toadies
(from Heretics)

– Sentimental In The Morning AND Jimmy and Bob and Jack by Edward David Anderson
(from Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions)

– Every Minute AND A Night To Remember by JJ Grey & Mofro
(from Ol' Glory)

– The Things I Regret AND Mainstream Kid by Brandi Carlile
(from The Firewatcher's Daughter)

– Young Outlaws AND Can't You Hear Them Howl by Lucero
(from All A Man Should Do)

Mini-Mix submitted by Paul Mason

– Roscoe (The Beyond The Wizard Sleeve Remix) by Midlake
(from Late Night Tales: Groove Armada)

– Primrose Green by Ryley Walker
(from Primrose Green)
Facebook Page

– Desert Raven by Jonathan Wilson
(from Second Hand Heart)



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In this episode I 'm definitely trying to keep my mouth shut. I've got some insane tooth pain going on, and it hurts to exercise my jaw. Hence no rambling on today. But I still have to record an episode for this week because I'm pretty excited about some of the new music in this episode.  Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– Eastside Party AND Let Me Do What I Do Best by Thunderbitch
(from Thunderbitch)

– Dark Days AND Rocky by The White Buffalo
(from Love And The Death of Damnation)

– Murphy's Law AND Mastheads by The Ghost Town Cryers
(from The Chronicles Of Mondays)
Facebook Page

– Sunday Love AND Something' From Nothin' by Fairground Saints
(from Fairground Saints)

– California Or Bust AND Special Made by Lance Canales & the Flood
(from The Blessing And The Curse)

– Taildragger AND Fire And Brimstone by Link Wray
(from 3 Track Shack)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jerry From Chicago

– Black Hair Girl by Jesse Malin
(from Glitter In The Gutter)

– Castanets by Alejandro Escovedo
(from A Man Under The Influence)

– Liar by Dwight Yoakam
(from Second Hand Heart)



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In this episode I talk about getting a kick in the butt from life, so that I can stop being so complacent, and start getting motivated. And as per the usual, a lot of great music. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– Boogaloo Blues AND Working Man by Five Mile Smile
(from unreleased)
Facebook Page

– Better Days AND Anywhere But Here by Mike Elrington
(from Two Lucky Stars)

– I'm Not Fine AND Certain Distance by Bob Malone
(from Mojo Deluxe)

– Singer-Songwriter AND Palindrome by The Young Novelists
(from Made Us Strangers)
Facebook Page

– Angel Crown AND Don't Thrill Me No More by J.D. Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers
(from Wild Moon)

– I Wasn't Born An Angel AND Smothered by R.J. Comer
(from Hell Hole Swamp)

Mini-Mix submitted by Chris Jones

– Johnny Law by Wayne Hancock
(from Swing Time)

– Madeline by Crawling with Kings
(from Crawling With Kings)
Facebook Page

– Let’s Kill Saturday Night by Robbie Fulks
(from Let's Kill Saturday Night)



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In this episode I talk about why I haven't recorded an ARM episode in a couple of weeks. Also, I have to admit, that the music in this episode is pretty kick ass! Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– Mama's In The Backseat AND Sweat This Pain by The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer
(from A Real Fine Mess)

– The Opening Act Of Spring AND Love Forty Down by Frank Turner
(from Positive Songs For Negative People)

– Southen Bells AND Spirit Moves by Langhorne Slim
(from The Spirit Moves)

– Parachute AND Might As Well Get Stoned by Chris Stapleton
(from Traveller)

– Shine Like Lightning AND Last Thing We Do by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
(from Medicine)

– Full Moon In The Daylight Sky AND Incarceration Casserole by Barrence Whitfield and The Savages
(from Under The Savage Sky)

Mini-Mix submitted by Gary Stafford

– Time Ain’t Nothing by Green on Red
(from The Best Of)

– Comin’ Down by Meat Puppets
(from Too High To Die)

– Fate’s Right Hand by Rodney Crowell
(from Fate's Right Hand)



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I'm trying something this time. While I was recording this episode, I was doing a live stream on the new social media outlet, Periscope. I believe you can connect with me on there through my TWITTER ACCOUNT. It was interesting, and I'll probably do more in the future. Shout out to those of you who tuned in for that. Also, this episode is FULL OF BRAND NEW MUSIC! Enjoy!


Music in this episode:

– Landslide AND First Time by A Thousand Horses
(from Southernality)

– Madhouse Promenade AND Good Old Shakespeare by Have Gun, Will Travel
(from Science From An Easy Chair)

– Futures AND Temporary Queen by Heathen Sons
(from Through The Eyes Of The Lion)

– Sad Baptist Rain AND High On Tulsa Heat by John Moreland
(from High On Tulsa Heat)

– Troubled Days AND Soul Navigator by The Greyhounds
(from Accumulator)

– Numb It AND You and I by Honeyhoney
(from 3)

Mini-Mix submitted by Paul Mason

1 – Deep Water by Beau Brummels
(from Bradley's Barn)

2 – Green Liquor by Heads Hands & Feet
(from Heads Hands & Feet) page

3 – The Category Stomp by John Hartford
(from Housing Project)



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This is where I ask you guys to help out. The yearly dues are coming up next month. Exactly one month from the day that I'm recording this. Once again, the show only goes one with your support, so I'd appreciate any help you can send my way. The donation link is at the bottom of this post. Take a listen to all the great music I'm playing today, and hopefully you'll find it worth a donation. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– I've Been Lovin' You AND Dancin' by Thomas Bryan Eaton
(from We All Want To Be Love)

– Woodshed AND Black & Blue by Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks
(from Woodshed)

– Strength In Numbers AND The First Ever Hooverville by Rebel Mart
(from Amalgamated Saboteurs Local 21)

– 7 Come 11 AND It's Hard To Make Love To An American by Ike Reilly
(from Am I Still The One For You?)
Facebook Page

– Lonely And Blue AND When We Was Young by Black Vincent
(from Teardrop Deluxe)
Facebook Page

– Wings Of No Restraint AND Soon The Earth Shall Swallow by Danny Schmidt
(from Owls)

Mini-Mix submitted by Tony Shoemaker

1 – Needles And Pins by The Ramones
(from Road To Ruin)

2 – Rode by Dinosaur Jr.
(from I Bet on Sky)

3 – Hit Me by The Whigs
(from Modern Creation)



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For some reason, today was a bitch. It was HOT, and borderline unbearable. Turns out I had some heat exhaustion going on. Anyway, you get to hear me complain about it while I play some awesome new music. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

– Don’t Strike Me Down AND Healing To Do by William Elliott Whitmore
(from Radium Death)

– Justice And Fair Shake AND Vagabond by Chuck Ragan
(from Kindred Spirit)

– Better Life AND Other Side by Braggers
(from Braggers)

– I Won't Let You Down AND Crash and Burn by Carolina Story
(from Chapters One And Two)
Facebook Page

– Workin' Man AND Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop by Neil Young And Promise Of The Real
(from The Monsanto Years) and

– Newmyer's Roof AND Three Drinks by Craig Finn
(from Newmyer's Roof)

Mini-Mix submitted by Gary Walker

1 – Ain't Waiting On Tomorrow by Drivin' n Cryin'
(from Songs From The Laundromat)

2 – 99 Shades Of Crazy by JJ Grey & Mofro
(from This River)

3 – Southern Grammar by Hiss Golden Messenger
(from Lateness Of Dancers)
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In this episode, while recording, I came to the realization that there is a lot of devil related songs, albums and band names in this one. Also we listen to a rap song that samples a riff from Lucero. A little something different.  Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- My Way Home AND Depending On The Weather by American Scarecrows
(from Keep Your Devils Around)

- Hey Mama AND Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me by The Satisfactors
(from The Satisfactors)
Facebook Page

- Kiss Me On The Fire Escape AND Escape Velocity by Rhett Miller & Black Prairie
(from The Traveler) -

- We Were Just Kids AND Broad Street by PJ Bond
(from Where Were You?)
Facebook Page

- 40 Dollar Bill AND Sad Songs by The Devil's Cut
(from Antium)
Facebook Page

- Why AND The Devil by Six Mile Station
(from Autobiography)

- Noon As Dark As Midnight by Lucero
(from Lucero)

- Holy Ghost by A$AP Rocky
(from At. Long. Last. A$AP)

Mini-Mix submitted by Phil Mander

1 – Beer Barrel Bar by Wagons
(from Acid Rain And Sugar Cane)

2 – Country Hippie Blues by Natural Child
(from Dancin' With Wolves)
Facebook Page

3 – Eddie's Song by King Tuff
(from Black Moon Spell)



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