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Well, I'm on the road again. It's not a matter of having stuff prepared, it's a matter having time to sit down in the studio to properly record the show. So, I'm recording this on my iPhone, and I'm splicing in the music later. So at least the tunes will sound good, even if my crappy audio recording doesn't.  Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Money And Shiny Things AND Heavy Heart by The Damnwells
(from The Damnwells)

- Heart Gets Tough AND Heartache by Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers
(from Loved Wild Lost)

- Alone AND The River by The London Souls
(from Here Comes The Girl)

- Mississippi Mud AND Top Shelf Man by Molly Gene The One Whoaman Band
(from Delta Thrash)

- Tears Fall Away AND Heart In A Bottle by The Cerny Brothers
(from Sleeping Giant)

- Snake Mountain Blues AND Used To Play by Bonnie & The Clydes
(from Bonnie & The Clydes)



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I actually recorded this episode last week, but some technical problems with my mp3 host prevented me from getting this online. So, better late than never! This is a DIGITAL mailbag episode. Typically I'll open press packages that I receive in physical form, and play a couple of tracks that I haven't even heard yet. This is the same concept, only these are MP3's and WAV files that I received instead.  Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Bad Habits AND Burnin' Both Ends by Doug Balmain
(from Burnin' Both Ends)

- Live Wire AND Me & Jeroboam & The Moon by The Longest Day Of The Year
(from Carapace)
Facebook Page

- Til I Do It Again AND Guitar Or A Gun by Will Hoge
(from Small Town Dreams)

- Defining Deviance Down AND Morning Birds by The End Men
(from Terms And Conditions)

- Sagres AND Darkness Of The Dream by The Tallest Man On Earth
(from Dark Bird Is Home)

- Texas Funeral AND Waitress by Hop Along
(from Painted Shut)
Bandcamp Page

Mini-Mix submitted by Matt Irwin

1 – The Galway Girl by Steve Earle
(from Transcendental Blues)

2 – I Give Up (The Puppy Song) by I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
(from Mayberry)

3 – American Static by Micah Schnabel
(from When The Stage Lights Go Dim)
Bandcamp Page



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In this episode I lay down some info about Wilco's earlier years in creating music. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Punch Drunk by Uncle Tupelo
(from Still Feel Gone)

- Casino Queen AND Box Full Of Letters AND I Thought I Held AND Too Far Apart by Wilco
(from A.M.)

- Hotel Arizona AND Someday Soon AND Outtasite (Outta Mind) by Wilco
(from Being There)

- I Guess I Planted AND She Came Along AND California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco
(from Mermaid Avenue)

- Summer Teeth AND Can't Stand It AND ELT by Wilco
(from Summer Teeth)

- All You Fascists AND Secrets Of The Sea by Billy Bragg & Wilco
(from Mermaid Avenue Vol. II)


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Music in this episode:

- Under The Rug AND Maladjusted by Ryan Link
(from Reverbnations EP)

- Cold Conversation AND Something's Got To Give by Wild Hands
(from Oh, River)
Facebook Page

- Saint Dee AND Crackin' Up by The Bloodhounds
(from Let Loose!)
Bandcamp Page

- Mainstream Kid AND Alibi by Brandi Carlile
(from The Firewatcher's Daughter)

- 1937 AND Wicked Ways by Screen Door Porch
(from Modern Settler)

- Night Takes Legs AND Looking For The Door by Tim Lee 3
(from 33 1/3)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jerry from Chicago

1 – Baby Take a Piece of My Heart by Kelly Willis
(from Bang Bang)

2 – ‘Til It Runs Dry by Holly Williams
(from The Highway)

3 – Burn by Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs
(from The Only Thing That Matters)



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So much great music in this episode. I talk about spending 18 years with my wife, and I rant a little about generic band names. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Something To Shake AND I Know You Want Me by The Black Cadillacs
(from All Them Witches)

- Fare Thee Well AND Tell Me by Shiny Pines
(from EP)
Facebook Page

- Doing Time In A Rented Room (Again) AND Ain't That How It Goes by The David Motel
(from People, Places, Things)
Facebook Page

- Still A Freak AND I Can See Elvis by The Waterboys
(from Modern Blues)

- Hard To Blame Her AND Gone Again by The Delta Routine
(from You And Your Lion)

- Home Grown AND Get A Little Crazy by Bandit
(from Get A Little Crazy)
Reverbnation Page

Mini-Mix submitted by Paul Mason

1 – Garbage Man Song by The Great Outdoors
(from Winter)

2 - I Like Winter by The Rockingbirds
(from Whatever Happened To The Rockingbirds)

3 – Snowed In by Tim Rose
(from Snowed In)



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I'm really glad I did an episode this week. Sometimes you just need a boost to help step-up your day. More often times than not, this show is that boost for me. Because I love THIS. Sharing music with friends. Isn't that what the whole point is anyway?

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- Unnarrested AND Burger And Fries by The Longwalls
(from Gold Standard)
Facebook Page

- Professional Feeder AND Common Order by The Reverse Cowgirls
(from Bucking)

- I Don't Care AND No Idea by Ethan Jano
(from I'll Be Fine)

- Go Go Boots Are Back AND Baby Baby Baby (Baby) by Steve Earle
(from Terraplace)

- Undertaker's Song AND Sugar Bowl by Wrinkle Neck Mules
(from I Never Thought It Would Go This Far)

- Lexington AND Love Song by The Great Unknowns
(from Homefront)

Mini-Mix submitted by Paul Suthers

1 – Southern Man by Neil Young
(from After The Goldrush)

2 - Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
(from Second Helping)

3 – Ronnie And Neil by Drive-By Truckers
(from Southern Rock Opera)



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There's so much great music that has been getting sent to me this year already. I'm excited about the what is in store for us in the oncoming months. It's only February, and it has started out great, as far as awesome music is concerned. What's not so great is that I bit the everliving sh!t out of tongue today. My word annunciation is a bit off. Regardless, enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- What We've Become AND The Only Thing by The Dead Armadillos
(from The Dead Armadillos)
Facebook Page

- Half Empty Heart AND Grey And Blue by Tom Mess
(from Ford)
Bandcamp Page

- Smile And Wave AND Tweeter And The Monkey Man by Headstones
(from One In The Chamber Music)

- Runaround Man AND Fell In Love With A Witch by The Butcher
(from 33 Stones)
Facebook Page

- Sisters Brothers AND Last Thing We Do by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
(from Medicine)

- Hornet's Nest AND All I Wanted To Do by Joe Louis Walker
(from Hornet's Nest)

Mini-Mix submitted by Tony Shoemaker

1 – Santa Ana Winds by Sons Of Bill
(from Sirens)

2 - Out In The Country by Natural Child
(from Dancin' With Wolves)
Facebook Page

3 – Front Porch by Slobberbone
(from Barrel Chested)



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Another great episode full of brand new music. And we're finally getting back into playing some listener submitted Mini-Mixes.  Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- Diablo Rock AND Whole Lotta Whiskey... by Delta Generators
(from Get On The Horse)

- The Devil You Know AND I'm Tired by Tommy Castro & The Painkillers
(from The Devil You Know)

- Confusion AND Middle Of It by Glass Oaks
(from Glass Oaks)

- Buttons AND Mercury by The Weeks
(from Buttons EP)

- Who Needs A Song AND Wolves by American Aquarium
(from Wolves)

- Pulling Teeth AND Sun And The Stars by The Cardboard Crowns
(from Global Citizens)

- Someone Will Pay AND Round The Bend by Justin Townes Earle
(from Absent Fathers)

- Why Do I AND Lookout Johnny by Will Dailey
(from National Throat)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jake Lemon

1 – KMAG YOYO by Hayes Carll
(from KMAG YOYO (And Other American Stories))

2 - St. Nick On The Fourth In A Fervor by Ha Ha Tonka
(from Buckle In The Bible Belt)

3 – Casino Queen by Wilco
(from A.M.)



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HERE IT IS! At the beginning of every year, I recount my favorite albums of the year prior. So, this is the SECOND part of my favorite jams from 2014. Almost two and a half hours of auditory magic. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Most Messed Up AND Let's Get Drunk & Get It On by Old 97's
(from Most Messed Up)

- Smoke Under The Water AND Nashville Flood by Big Daddy Love
(from This Time Around)

- Devil To Pay AND C'mon Over To My House by Mojo Gurus
(from Who Asked Ya?)

- I Don’t Care AND Seein' Double by Nikki Lane
(from All Or Nothing)

- Red Violins AND Break Your Heart by The Gaslight Anthem
(from Get Hurt)

- Jailhouse AND Geraldine by Marty Stuart
(from Saturday Night/Sunday Morning)

- Let’s Get It Over With AND Songs For The Ladies by Dan London
(from I Will Take You Back)
Record Label Site

- Salty Disciple AND Academy Of Clunkers by Centro-Matic
(from Take Pride In Your Long Odds)

- Factory Line AND Be Your Eyes by Fire Mountain
(from All Dies Down)

- Nothing Else To Do AND Do Your Duty (My Own Zoo) by Admiral Freebee
(from The Great Scam)

- Violent Shiver AND Wicked Waters by Benjamin Booker
(from Benjamin Booker)

- Tin Can Soul AND Sawmill Road by Mat D And The Profane Saints
(from Holyoke)

- Sugar Dyed AND Half The City by St. Paul & The Broken Bones
(from Half The City)

- Temporary Ground AND Alone In My Home by Jack White
(from Lazaretto)

- Life Of Sin AND A Little Light Within by Sturgill Simpson
(from Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)

- With Your Two Hand AND Raising Hands, Raising Hell, Raise 'em High by The Wind And The Wave
(from From The Wreckage)

- Well Ran Dry AND Sweet Linda Of Salinas by Troubadour Kings
(from Ghost Of Juarez)

- Shallow Grave AND 1935 by Lee Gallagher And The Hallelujah
(from Lee Gallagher And The Hallelujah)

- My Baby Drives AND Burning Pictures by Justin Townes Earle
(from Single Mothers)

- Tribal AND It's Good To Be Alive by Imelda May
(from Tribal)

- Shit Shots Count AND Til He's Dead Or Rises by Drive-By Truckers
(from English Oceans)

-  Stop Your Crying AND You Go Down Smooth by Lake Street Dive
(from Bad Self Portraits)

- How It Feels AND Eastside Tacoma by William Pilgrim & The All Grows Up
(from Epic Endings)


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HERE IT IS! At the beginning of every year, I recount my favorite albums of the year prior. So, this is the first part of my favorite jams from 2014. Almost two and a half hours of auditory magic. Enjoy!

Music in this episode:

- Truck Stop Gospel AND Quite Contrary by Parker Millsap
(from Parker Millsap)

- Jukin’ Joint AND The Midnight Porter by The Black Tongued Bells
(from Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell)

- Swell AND Call The Police by Kerosene Stars
(from Kerosene Stars)

- With Love From Brushy Mountain AND Snack Bar Mary And The Ten Pin Priest by Matt Woods
(from With Love From Brushy Mountain)

- Bottles & Can AND Countdown by Caleb Caudle
(from Paint Another Layer On My Heart)

- You Only Talk About Your Band AND Restless by M. Lockwood Porter
(from 27)

- Still Go On AND Skipping Stones by Big Shoals
(from Still Go On)

- Built For Speed AND Be Your Man by Girls, Guns and Glory
(from Good Luck)

End Of The Line AND No One Else by Hurray for The Riff Raff
(from Small Town Heroes)

- Morning Light AND Morning Light by The Dirty Guv’nahs
(from Hearts Of Fire)

- OK DJ AND What Would I Do If I Were Me? by Steve Conte
(from The Steve Conte NYC Album)

- Hospitals AND Life Boat by NQ Arbuckle
(from The Future Happens Anyway)

- Burnpiles, Swimming Holes AND Dereconstructed by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
(from Dereconstructed)

- Gimme Something Good AND Stay With Me by Ryan Adams
(from Ryan Adams)

- Transistor Resistor AND Skeletons by The Whistles & The Bells
(from The Whistles & The Bells)

- Black And Blue AND Do Watcha by The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer
(from A Real Fine Mess)

- Just A Man AND Never Go Gently by Big Kettle Drum
(from Lock And Key)

- They Don't Know AND Really Wanna See You by Lydia Loveless
(from Somewhere Else)

- Run A Mile AND Another Train by Hard Working Americans
(from Hard Working Americans)


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